Season 1, Episode 16: Friends


"This is a nice story." -K.C.
"I don't tell nice stories." -Mr. Chapel

"You know anything about the stock market?" -K.C.
"When the line goes up, that's good, and when the line goes down, that's bad. Jensen's line is goin' down." -Mr. Chapel

"How is it that you're still alive?" -K.C.
"I have no idea." -Mr. Chapel

"You know that show, 'Touched by an Angel?' This ain't it." -Mr. Chapel


Written by Kim Newton, Directed by Perry Lang

Guest starring Jere Burns (Steven Jensen), James Pickens Jr., Sage Parker, and Robert Carradine.

Co-starring Jerry Mathers, Twink Coplan, James Newman, Charles Emmett, Ray Laska, Natsuo, Robert Mont, Akiko Taguchi, Raymond Ma, Ken Takemoto, Harry Perry