12.4.00 - Casting continues for the new David Milch/Anthony Yerkovich new cop show for CBS and Paramount, called Big Apple. Joining Ed O'Neill and Titus Welliver are: Michael Madsen who will play a bar owner who's bar has been turned into the FBI's secret base. Donnie Wahlberg (Sixth Sense and once a New Kid on the Block) is an FBI agent new to NY from the Denver office. Jeffrey Pierce (CBS Miniseries as JFK Jr in Jackie Bouvier Kennedy Onassis) will plays a young and eager cop. Kim Dickens (Hollow Man and Mercury Rising) will also join the cast.

4.2.99 - It looks like "Vengeance Unlimited" might have a last chance. Check out the article at Ultimate TV.

2.2.99 - ABC has officially cancelled "Vengeance Unlimited."